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Residential Snow Blowing

Beginning November 1 2023 and ending April 1 2024, our trained crew members will professionally blow the snow from your driveway safely and efficiently using compact tractors equipped with inverted blowers for every snowfall of 2 inches or more with unlimited visits throughout the season.

Snow blowing will begin when 2 inches of snowfall has accumulated on the ground. During evening or overnight snowfalls, plowing begins the following morning at 6am. Plowing service is 7 days a week excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Years Day. Driveways are cleared within 24 inches of garage doors to avoid damage from equipment, the remaining snow will need to be removed by the homeowner. Vehicles in driveways will only have snow removed from accessible areas opening from the street. Unless a second pass is planned in advance, we will not return for moved vehicles. If driveways are cleared before city plows have been by, we will return at the end of our route to clear what has been pushed in. Our equipment will not remove freezing rain buildup or ice. As such, we are not responsible for ice control. We offer sanding/salting upon request at an additional cost. Two (2) driveway markers will be installed at the end of each driveway in November to mark the area to be cleared. Any tree limbs, branches and water shutoff valves that obstruct equipment will be the homeowner’s responsibility to trim, remove or lower before services begin, we are not responsible for damage to the aforementioned. For gravel driveways, we will do our best to wait for the laneway to develop a frozen base before the first clearing, but there is potential for debris to be blown onto the lawn. The homeowner will be responsible for cleaning up this debris. In the unlikely event that damage is caused to turf from the equipment, we will return in the spring to repair the damaged area at no cost to the homeowner. We are not responsible for any scraping, scratching damage to driveways. We are not responsible/liable for any slip and fall accidents and/or claims.

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